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Dear Colleagues


Our employees and Shop Stewards have been at the forefront of the battle over PPE and Safe Systems of work. I am humbled by all to work that is going on and I pay tribute to the courage of all our members who have had the courage to speak out about the failures of Management and government in the crisis.Today we are very much in the headlines again about the ongoing crisis in Care. The fact our members are still being put at risk is disgraceful and the treatment of our elderly is utterly shameful. We will expose and challenge poor practice by individual employers but we should be under no illusions that there is a systematic failure on the part of the UK and Scottish Governments. We will continue to call this out and keep maximum pressure on the Scottish Government in order we can try and get the mismanagement sorted out. The issues around the lack of testing and the treatment of elderly will be one of the big scandals of this crisis. Thank you to all our members on the front line of the battle against this virus. Your work is invaluable and I truly appreciated by us all.

Your sincerely

Gary Smith GMB Scotland Secretary

Posted: 16th April 2020

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