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An important update for all of our frontline social care members.

GMB has always been clear that as professional workers you should make the choice as to whether you wear a mask when caring for your clients, and you should have the available resources to allow for you to make that decision.

Following our meeting with Scottish Government Ministers today, we can confirm that carers WILL now get the full and proper PPE, including masks, for every visit.

Scottish Government Ministers assure us that there are sufficient stocks, and we will be vigorously monitoring to ensure that they reach our members on the frontline as soon as possible.

A point of frustration for us as a union is that the commitments given to us today could and should have been given weeks ago.

It shouldn’t take a point of crisis for unions and government to work together if willingness is there from the outset.

The last few days in particular have been difficult for our GMB family, and there will be tough days and weeks in front of us yet – but we will keep fighting and get through this together.

We hope that this outcome provides some clarity, and without the work of GMB members – answering member surveys, signing open letters, sharing social media content and campaigning as a collective social care workforce, Scottish Government policy would not have changed.

You and your colleagues will now be safer at work as a result.

Posted: 8th April 2020

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