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About Us

Members of the Branch Executive : Annette Drylie Branch Secretary, Robert Graham Branch Chair (Community Use of Schools), Scott Wilson Assistant Secretary Health and Safety (Janitorial Services), Donald Young Vice Chair(Parks and Open Spaces), Jim Channey (Parks and Open spaces), Nigel Stevens (Parks and open Spaces), Derek Scott (Golf Trust), Moira Stewart (Janitorial services), Karen Cowan Equality(Janitorial services), Pauline Allen (Social Work Older People Services), Ian Burt (Parks and Open Spaces), Kevin Drysdale (Transport), Michelle Malcolm Youth (Facilities)

We provide advice, support and representation as well as organising campaigns and negotiating to improve and protect our members pay and terms and conditions of employment.

Anyone in employment has a legal right to be a member of a trade union and to be represented by GMB.

Contact the branch : Mobile : 03451 555555 ext 473313 or 07717215348/07867324248 or email