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Dear GMB Members,
Important Communication from GMB Scotland – COVID Risk Registers
GMB Scotland has set up a COVID Risk Register so that members, workplace representatives and officers can record where things have gone wrong with the employer’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
If you feel that you have been or are currently at risk in your workplace, please log it with us.
The COVID Risk Registers can be accessed via the link below:
COVID-19 Risk Register
Individuals can complete this form to record their concerns about what has happened to them.
As with GMB Scotland’s historic Asbestos Register, this Covid-19 Risk Register will put on record members concerns so there can be no dispute in the future about the level of risk they faced.
Please Note: The risk register is separate from a personal injury claim
If you feel you have suffered injury due to COVID-19. There is separate guidance from UnionLine Scotland.
Qualifying Criteria for COVID 19 Personal Injury Claims
1. You must be a key or frontline worker
2. You have not been provided with PPE or the PPE provided is
inadequate and you have reasonable evidence of same.
3. You have tested for coronavirus and suffered physical
symptoms and/or have suffered either physical or psychological
injuries, or both.
4. You have suffered a recognised/diagnosed psychological injury
as a result of your employers’ failings to provide adequate PPE, even if you have not suffered physical injury.
Personal Injury Claim Criteria
The Risk Register is being managed by UnionLine Scotland – your trade union law firm.
Remember, your union is here for you and we will always do our best for you.
If you have colleagues who are fellow GMB members and are not receiving our updates, you can update your preferences here:
If you know a colleague who is not a member of GMB and wants to join, they can do so online at:

Posted: 20th November 2020

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