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Members Issues

A couple of work issues have been brought to our (GMB’s) attention and we are working behind the scenes to deal with them.

1  Staff in the Adult Services Section of Health and Social Care have been issued with a read and sign document and we are not happy with the implication of some of the wording.  Mainly “staff can be asked to cover shifts at an alternative workplace at short notice” and we don’t like ” etc” in read and sign documents.

At the time of this update Ian Wilson (Service Manager Adult Resources) has agreed to reissue this document stating change of shifts must be like for like. and etc to be removed.  We will review the reissued document and advise members accordingly.

2 Staff in another part of the service have been advised that they have to take triple time on public holidays.  This is a change to our Terms and Conditions and as such the Joint trade Unions have submitted a grievance on behalf of all members.

We will keep you informed of any progress.

Annette Drylie

Branch Secretary

Posted: 3rd June 2015

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