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Holiday Pay Payments News

With regards to the holiday pay over payment this communication was sent to GMB yesterday and should be cascaded to all staff over the course of the week.

we have identified a number of employees (560) employed in Adult Services who have received a backdated holiday pay payment in error. They already receive holiday pay for all of their leave for rota’d sleepover and unsocial hours.

Employees were advised on the day they were paid incorrectly that there had been an error and that they were not entitled to this payment. On that basis, we intend to recall the overpayment in the next pay (due on 7th April).

The following communication has been prepared and will be sent out to managers to cascade to all affected employees tomorrow:- (Tuesday 29th)

Fife Council agreed to pay holiday pay on some specific non-contractual allowances that are considered part of an employee’s normal pay. This agreement includes all Single Status, Craft and Chief Officer employees.

The non-contractual allowances attracting a holiday pay element are:-

• Call Out

• Higher Duty

• Site Attendance

• Standby

• Sleep-in

• Unsocial Hours

• Temporary Additional Hours ( regular hours worked on at least one occasion in each of the three consecutive 4-weekly pay periods )

The effective date of implementation is the 1 January 2015, with a backdated payment for the period 1 January 2015 to 17 January 2016 being paid on 10th March 2016. All future payments shall be paid 4 times a year.

Your Service have advised that there are some groups of employees, both permanent and temporary who claim non-contractual allowances as and when they work and continue to submit claims during periods of annual leave. As the holiday payment is being calculated on the basis of the non-contractual allowances claimed this will have created an overpayment situation. Therefore if you currently claim for allowances during annual leave and have received a holiday payment this has been made in error as you were previously advised
We have identified affected employees and will recall the overpayment in the salary due in April on the basis that you were advised that this payment had been made in error.

A revised process has been set up to ensure that this overpayment will not continue in future with new elements being added to the timesheet for this group of employees. Longer term, we will be discussing how we can ensure these contractual elements can be paid without the use of timesheets (which incur additional resource requirements as well as the opportunity for error).

Posted: 29th March 2016

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