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Fife Pay Justice (Repost)

GMB Scotland in Fife Council – Fife Pay Justice 

The priority of GMB Scotland is the defence of your interests. That’s why we have launched Fife Pay Justice. 

Fife Pay Justice is a campaign on behalf of staff who work in the following roles for Fife Council, who have been subject to the council’s job evaluation, and who have been re-graded as a result. These roles include: 
· Catering Supervisor (whose grade has moved from FC3 to FC4)

· Home Carer 

· Cook 4 


· Nightlink 



· Rehab 


· Very Sheltered Housing 
As a result of job evaluation 3, we have sought a legal opinion supporting our view that Fife Council is continuing to discriminate against staff employed in these roles – and who are almost exclusively women. 

As these are female dominated roles, we believe that this amounts to sex discrimination, opening-up a third wave of equal pay claims in Fife Council. It is also the case that any men who perform these roles and fit the criteria may also be entitled to an equal pay claim. 

GMB has notified the chief executive and co-leaders of Fife Council to demand that staff who have been subject to job evaluation and pay re-grading should be uprated fully to the substantive rate of their new grade.

GMB is also clear that the recompense for this should be backdated to April 2016 when job evaluation 3 should have been implemented. As a result, we have asked for paid time off for members to attend meetings with us to discuss these issues and to campaign for pay justice. 

So, if you are employed by Fife Council in any of these roles, or know someone who is, then call us as soon as possible on 01382 225491 between the hours of 9.30 – 4.30 Monday to Friday or email to see whether you are entitled to a claim. If your call cannot be answered, please leave a message and it will be returned.

Please also share this with any colleagues and if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Posted: 5th July 2018

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