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Branch protests at Council Cuts

See Face book page for full photis

Taken at Fife House protest against cuts, see Facebook page for more photos


GMB Press Release

Fife Councilors’ Need To Say No

Embargo Thursday 25th February 2016

Today Fife Council will hammer their workforce. With almost 2000 jobs to be cut over the next 3 years and 2000 already cut over the last 3 years who ever is left can they please switch off the lights.

GMB Members in Fife Council have been dealing with continuous changes to their workload, working patterns along with everything else and enough is enough.

It’s time Fife Council and the Scottish Government done more to protect these workers. Where will they work? The knock on effect on the community will be horrendous.

Drew Duffy, GMB Organiser said “Our members in Fife have had enough, they are not to blame at all for any of the mess Fife Council find themselves in yet it will be our members signing on at the Job Centre.

Some of the most vulnerable citizens of Fife are dependent on the services our members provide, these people will also suffer. As more services are put out to the lowest bidder it will change the way Care in the community is run.

On top of all this we still have huge numbers of our members waiting on their equal pay claims as the Council short changed hundreds of low paid women for years and should have paid these women the money they were due years ago.

GMB call on councilors to stand up for their work force and say no to austerity.

Annette Drylie, GMB Fife Branch Secretary said “We have had years of cuts and there is nothing left to cut without having a huge effect on our members and the services they provide. None of our councilors were voted on the promise of these cuts and it’s time they stood with us and said no more.”

Posted: 25th February 2016

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